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Kefalonia’s Beaches Variety

The endless variety of Kefalonia’s beaches is probably the richest all over the Ionian Sea. Famous or not, sandy or pebbly ones.

Starting from Myrtos beach at 17 km, there is nothing more to add than it’s been voted the most beautiful beach of Greece repeatedly.

Antisamos beach at 4 km from us, apart from having been the natural scenery of Captain Corellis’ film, is one of the most beautiful Kefalonian beaches with the clearest and most transparent waters.

On the way to Antisamos you can come across another unexpected beach, Paliouras, little known to most visitors and thus private and quiet.

The beach of Karavomylos is a long pebbly beach within walking distance.

In addition to those, there are many picturesque little bays starting from Karavomylos and all the way until the next village of Agia Efimia such as Ag. Paraskevi on the east of Kefalonia.

All the beaches of the northen part of Kefalonia, our part, are really special with very clear waters and the trees leaning over them.

What’s more there are many isolated unique beaches on the coast line of Kefalonia which are impossible to reach by car. They are only approachable by boat and then be enjoyed just by yourself and your family or friends. You could rent a boat at Agia Efimia or bring your own one along.

Sandy beaches are also a big part of the Kefalonian island on the west side of it. The outstanding ones are Makris and Platis Gialos at Argostoli as well as XI with the famous red sand and Platia Ammos.

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