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The east side of Kefalonia and especially the area of Sami, consists of an extensive coastline zone full of interesting geological phenomena, caves and small bays.

The challenge to explore them, diving in the Ionian Sea, is given through the scuba diving school at Ag. Efimia.

The school has two cobra rib boats of 8 and 9 meters, to transport divers to the dive sites. Divers can be of any level and there are courses offered for everyone from beginner to advanced.

Four dives for certified divers and for fun diving take place daily


There are numerous dives but we indicate four ones:


Discover scuba

Beginners who have never experienced diving before can learn to dive through Aquatic Scuba Diving Club's Introductory Dive.
After having conducted a short lecture, they build their confidence in shallow water. Finally, they are taken on a dive over a reef to explore the amazing corals, sponges and the abundance of sea life and fish.

The Mine

Time from shop: 3 min  / Depth: 12 -22 meters

Sitting in 12 meters off the only marine protected area in Kefalonia, is a deactivated WW2 sea mine.
The dive continues to up to 22meters for all levels of divers to enjoy the most diverse sea life in the Mediterranean, including Sea Bream, Lobsters, Octopus, Groupers, Rainbow Wrasse, Scorpion fish and even moray eels to name a few.

Roman anchor

Time from shop: 20 min / Depth: 18 – 35 meter
Next to the line supplying Ithaca with electricity, lays an ancient roman anchor, standing sterile out from its surroundings due to its lead composition.
To finish the dive there is reef jutting from the shallows that is full of life and a variety sponges and sea critters, making the dive most enjoyable for all levels of divers.

Cyclop’s cave

Time from shop: 40 min / Depth: 16 – 35 meter
In northern Ithaka within view of the picturesque village of Fiskardo Kefalonia starts a wall stretching from 16 to 46 meters.
At 16 meters it is possible to swim into the spacious cave, but there is also another entrance at 35 meters making the upper exits brilliantly bright and vividly blue from below.
Due to its depth and the over head environment it is suitable for only highly experienced divers.

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