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Your holidays are about to begin on the beautiful island of Kefalonia. How could you resist personal training by which you would achieve the best possible muscular strengthening and relaxation at the same time?

Strengthening, pilates and aqua training will be performed at Kalypso garden in Kefalonia, conducted by our son, Iasonas, a fourth year student of Physical Education University, passionate with working out and specialized in fitness and swimming.

The procedure is open to anybody no matter age or current physical condition.

We wish you a happy and healthy holiday.

*The training sessions will take place after contact and will be performed in the months of July, August and September in 2023.


Aqua training promises to involve all your muscles in a soft way towards fitness and well being. While using resistance and floating equipment as well as performing stimulated exercises in various ways, you will obtain physical fitness and relieve fatigue. Sessions will be performed in the Kalypso pool depending on weather conditions. 

 It’s worth a try. 

If you need to train your body in order to achieve high body transformation and experience genuine feelings, you have the chance by practicing personal fitness training in  Kalypso garden using the appropriate –for you- weight lifting equipment

Iasonas is always willing to cater to your personal requirements and support your plans to get fit. 

His moto: Never give up!!!

Interested in strengthening your core, decreasing back pain and improving your posture? Such benefits and many more are to be achieved through the numerous exercises and variations of Pilates. The exercises are practiced on a mat in Kalypso garden with specialized equipment provided by us. Take a deep breath and start – in order to improve your overall health, physically and mentally. 

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